We expect all of our members to play fairly and have fun, no cheats, hacks or glitching...although there will be quite a bit of just messing around.


We play tons of games and are in no way limited to one, so hop on and play something new, it could be your new favorite game!


This clan is a community in which we expect our members to talk to each other and have fun, while we do play games the majority of our fun comes from each other.


Yes, we are the logical clan choice

Foul Gaming as a whole is a multi-gaming community, playing many different games using many play styles. We mainly focus around First Person Shooters and MMO's, helping each other hone our abilities to the best that they can be, with communication as a top priority. We've played or are currently playing games such as: GuildWars 2, Battlefield 3/4, Minecraft, Planetside 2, Soldier Front 2, Combat Arms and quite a few others over the years. Click on the Teamspeak logo to play a few rounds with us!



As we are a team style community, the clan will always be here, but if you are dealing with some personal issues, all you have to do is make sure one of the admins or leaders know that you need some personal time, and you can take all the time you need. Being as close knit a community as we have become, we all look at each other as friends, willing to stand up for each other at a moment's notice, and willing to help each other when the need is there.

We are currently available on our Teamspeak 3 server Please, join us for a game at ts.foulgaming.com or check out our social media